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Boring Piano Lessons Are a Thing of The Past

Piano lessons get a bad rap. Strict teachers and hard-to-play music. No wonder kids don't want to practice. The truth is, playing the piano is a blast, and lessons should be too.


Piano Jam Cleveland teaches kids how to play the piano in the fun and social setting of a performing all-keyboard band. Imagine how your child will feel playing music in a band on stage to a cheering crowd. Imagine how proud you'll feel as your child shines in the spotlight.

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My Daughter Loves Piano Jam

"My daughter loved her first Piano Jam class. She was hoping the class would meet every day. She was disappointed to learn she'd have to wait a whole week to play with her bandmates again."

- Alysson Goldstein

We Make Playing The Piano Fun and Easy

Have you ever heard the expression ‘music is a language?’ We all know how easy it is for kids to learn a language so why do kids often feel playing the piano is hard to do? Playing the piano is easy when music lessons follow the 4 stages of learning a language.  These stages are...

  1. Listen

  2. Imitate

  3. Speak (Play)

  4. Read

Piano lessons have historically followed the exact opposite approach. Kids are taught how to read music before they can play or express themselves with music. This is why learning how to play the piano can seem hard to do. This is why children often feel like piano lessons are boring.

Boring piano lessons leads to kids who don’t want to practice and eventually want to quit. Piano Jam teaches kids, on day one, how to play the piano in an all-keyboard ensemble that performs in concerts and makes music videos! The program not only teaches kids how to play the piano, but it also teaches them the value of teamwork as they build and refine each song as a performing ensemble

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