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About Us

Piano Jam Cleveland

Piano Did you have a favorite babysitter when you were a kid? Mine was this cool teenager, Jane Ponte, who would teach me how to play top 40 songs and boogie-woogie on the piano. I would play these songs over and over on my parent's beat-up baby grand. My mom decided to do what any good mom would do; she signed me up for piano lessons.

I was so excited to take piano lessons so I could learn how to play like Elton John. Perhaps I could dazzle my family at Thanksgiving by playing Piano Man by Billy Joel. After a few minutes of my piano lesson, it became apparent that this was going to be a very different experience than my piano jam sessions with my babysitter.

I dreaded going to my piano lessons and I never practiced my assignments. Instead, I'd play the songs babysitter Jane taught me.

This experience stayed with me and I was determined to apply this valuable lesson about music education when I decided to become a teacher.

I decided to develop a piano program that would allow kids to get instant results. A piano program that would leave kids thinking after their first lessons, 'this was so fun and much easier than I anticipated.'  

Piano Jam teaches kids how to play the piano in an all-keyboard performing ensemble. The kids in the program learn the skills needed to play pop music and join in on a jam session.

Music performance is often a group effort. Teaching kids how to play the piano in a group allows them to not only learn how to play an instrument but it teaches them about teamwork and leadership. 

About Dave Simon

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Dave Simon: Piano Jam Founder

Dave Simon creates and licenses music curriculum that is offered in music school's around the world. He owned and operated a music school for 17 years where he launched each of his 4 different programs. Dave also serves as a business coach for music school owners and his the host of a business growth podcast called Music Lessons and Marketing.

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My Daughter Loves Piano Jam

"My daughter loved her first Piano Jam class. She was hoping the class would meet every day. She was disappointed to learn she'd have to wait a whole week to play with her bandmates again."

- Alysson Goldstein

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